14 Things to Be Happy About

I have the book 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, by Barbara Ann Kipfer. If I’m having a bad day, I read a page, and it always makes me smile. She includes items like, “brushing the dew from sneakers” (p. 98), “sub shops and fried-clam stands” (p. 179), and “horses in nippy weather.” (p. 393). I recommend it. I don’t have a list of 14,000 things, but here are 14 of mine:

1. Christmas cactus that blooms at Thanksgiving and Easter
2. Sharing a driveway with our great neighbors, Eric and Nancy (We’re having dessert with them for Thanksgiving.)
3. The way my father can talk to anybody
4. Orthodox Christian icons of Jesus
5. My hundred-year-old piano
6. The Bible with my name in gold letters that my grandparents gave me
7. Fall vegetables from the farm stand
8. Inter-library loan
9. The youth at my church
10. Chrysler Imperial rose (Yes, named after the car. Deep red. My mother’s favorite rose.)
11. Art made by friends
12. Cappuccino with a decorative swirl on top
13. Turkey (especially leftover)
14. The hymn “Now Thank We All Our God”

Why don’t you start your own list?

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