10 Ways Ministry Isn’t a Heavenly Job

So, here’s the other side of the story:

1. We have to face our own limitations.
2. We can’t make other people do what we want.
3. Everyone doesn’t always agree with us.
4. We have to manage our own boundaries, because no one else will.
5. There’s always somethin’.
6. People often expect us to take responsibility for them.
7. We can’t control the outcome.
8. We could work all the time and never get it all done.
9. Everything takes five years.
10. We are not God.

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  • IGalindo

    Just ten?! O.k., here are mine . . .

    10. No one ever told us we’d have to be plumbers, janitors, electricians, printers and typists, and refuse disposal technicians
    9. Sunday comes around every week—and with it, the need for another fresh, original, motivating sermon (and Sunday is like the mail: it just keeps on coming!)
    8. We live in a fishbowl and people expect our children to be perfect
    7. No, they don’t pay us enough for all that we do
    6. Just how much fried chicken can a person eat over the span of a ministerial career before showing symptoms of genetically becoming poultry?
    5. No matter how hard you work at it or how long you try, there’s just no way to get this “church” thing right
    4. Committee meetings
    3. If you ever get to the point of being so frustrated that you want to leave your congregation for another, you’ll only discover that the next one is the same as your last
    2. More committee meetings

    And the no. 1 reason ministry is not heavenly . . . Too often, God lets us believe that we are indeed God so he can have a good laugh.


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