10 Ways Ministry Can Be a Heavenly Job

I have a coffee cup that was given to me by someone who attended my church. It has the word “MINISTER” over a stained glass window and a desk, with the words at the bottom “It’s a Heavenly Job.” I’ve used this cup often over the years, although it hasn’t seemed like a heavenly job every day!

With all the challenges of ministry, here are 10 ways ministry can be a heavenly job:

1. We actually get to talk about God in our work.
2. We deal with people at critical moments in their lives where the opportunity for growth is most immediate
3. We can control our own schedule, mostly.
4. We get to pray, alone and with others, as part of our work.
5. We have a built-in audience.
6. We work with people over a long period of time, if we stay long enough.
7. We get to go to parties as part of our work.
8. We’re paid to help people grow spiritually.
9. We become better at our job as we grow personally (even if that growth doesn’t always feel heavenly).
10. We have the privilege of leading others.

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  • IGalindo

    Another 10 heavenly things about ministry…

    10. If you’re in a high-liturgical congregation you get to wear neat ecclesiastical garb
    9. People will tend to listen to your opinions (even when you don’t know what you’re talking about)
    8. When you visit people they always clean up their language and offer you desert and coffee
    7. You don’t have to show up at the office every day
    6. If you work it right your job includes study leave, sabbaticals, and conferences at nice places where you can bring along your family
    5. You get to work with children and watch them grow
    4. As part of your work you’re expected to grow and mature more spiritually
    3. Most of the people you work with are the nicest people around
    2. The music (the GOOD kind—sacred music before 19th century)

    And the no. 1 best heavenly thing about ministry . . . Tax benefits like housing allowances!


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