10 tips for pastors and treasurers to help your relationship


  1. Be curious about each other. Find out more about how the other thinks about money.
  2. Tell each other a little about your family and money.  Every one learns about money in the family they grow up in. You’ll understand each other better if you share a story or two.
  3. Pray for each other. If you’re comfortable, do it together, or simply pray privately for the other.
  4. Thank each other for the work each does. Do this more than once.
  5. Accept the other’s level of knowledge. Some pastors know a lot about money, some not so much. Some treasurers are professional financial people, others sigh and say yes because no one else will do it. Whatever your ministry partner’s capabilities, accept that this is what you are dealing with at the moment. Don’t roll your eyes.
  6. Be open to learning from the other’s expertise. If you’re the pastor and could learn to read reports better, try asking the treasurer for help. If you’re the treasurer, ask the pastor for some Scriptures on money to reflect on.
  7. Don’t complain about each other to someone else. If there’s an issue of difference, state your position in a calm way.
  8. Don’t complain to each other about the board/staff/membership. You may need to think about issues in the wider congregation and strategize for what to do next. That’s different from complaining.
  9. Work on clear procedures. See what you can do to increase clarity about responsibilities.
  10. Laugh together. Or at least lighten up a bit. Seriousness is a sign of anxiety. Money matters go better with a smile.

What kind of relationship do you have with your pastor or your treasurer? How can you improve it?

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