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Many pastors struggle with feeling like everyone wants a piece of them. Margaret Marcuson helps them bring their best to their ministry without giving it all away, so they can have a greater impact and find more satisfaction.

Margaret works with church leaders to help them get clear, stay connected, and keep calm, as they journey through ministry. The result: a sustainable life in ministry

Wondering how you’re going to LAST in ministry?

Worried you might burn out?


We’ve all been in situations where our church ministry has left us feeling isolated and at a loss. Margaret’s unique clergy roundtable group coaching program gathers experienced ministers to help you manage your biggest ministry challenges, learn more about church leadership, and get support and encouragement from motivated church leaders.


Margaret introduces clergy and lay leaders to a new approach to leadership, through engaging and interactive presentations that give leaders a greater sense of their own resources and the possibilities of leadership.

Speaking and Workshop topics are available in-person or virtually.

1-on-1 Coaching

Church leadership can be isolating and all-consuming. Many leaders want more for their church and themselves. Threatened with burnout, you may be yearning to get your head above water and craft an even more effective ministry. 1-on-1 coaching is available on a limited basis. Book a free conversation to see if coaching is right for you.