As a leader, everyone needs YOU.

Your time, your ideas, your wisdom, your presence.
The need can be overwhelming, I know.
In 13 years of ministry, I struggled with burnout, frustration, and exhaustion. I’ve seen hundreds of leaders battle this overwhelm, and realize once and for all:

Enough is enough.

In school, they don’t teach us about sustainable ministry. This practice, once you work to apply it, changes your whole life and lets you approach ministry in a radically refreshed, present way – each and every day.

Take a moment and imagine.

  • Feeling excited when someone from the leadership called you…
  • Being fully present in all of the tasks and to-dos of the day…
  • Staying deeply, truly connected to yourself, your vision, and your faith through the ups and downs of ministry…
  • Leading your thriving congregation for years…
There is no better time to make these dreams a reality. And I’m here to show you how.

Be a Leader Who Lasts.

Leaders Who Last is an online program designed specifically for leaders are looking to avoid burnout, and craft a fulfilling lasting ministry.
This program gives you one full year of ongoing support + action plans made available to you each week. Your ministry, your congregation, and you deserve this amazing gift.

Master the 6 areas of influence.

In Leaders Who Last, we focus on these key areas for continued ministry success:
Leadership: Position yourself for maximum positive impact in your ministry setting.
Money: Confidently lead in financial matters (and more confidently deal with money in your personal life).
Productivity: Make the best use of your precious, limited time.
Relationships: Have healthier relationships with church members (even tough ones!) and others in your life.
Personal Growth: Develop yourself emotionally and spiritually.
Communication: Get your message out, whether from the pulpit, in meetings, one-to-one and virtually.

Upgrade your year.

In Leaders Who Last, we spend a year getting you on track and ready for a long ministry.
Every Friday of the program, I will upload a new training module to a private membership website for you to access. You can access your first training module immediately after you sign up today, with each new action plan arriving every single Friday for 52 weeks.
I’ll also periodically email you with insightful tips and reminders to implement all that you’re learning – so you stay on track. Week after week. For an entire year. Imagine the impact this can have on your ministry!

Join Leaders Who Last today.Margaret Marcuson FB Course Open_Close-6

This is your chance.

  • Become more of a leader and less of a micro manager.
  • Increase your influence without increasing your workload.
  • Reduce your overall stress about issues of congregational life.
  • Use your time so wisely, people wonder what your secret is.
  • Amp up the giving – with effortless tools for increasing funds!
  • Become a masterful communicator, so your leadership is appreciated and your ministry grows.
    And so much more!

I want to tell you something.

margaretI know what it’s like to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed within your ministry because I’ve been in your shoes.

As a minister of 13 years, I spent a lot of time being frustrated and thinking about how I could make things different. I bought and read dozens of books, I went on numerous retreats. And yet, nothing was moving me forward in my ministry.

I had nearly given up.

But one day, I had a wakeup call that rocked me to my core. In that moment, I knew I must  learn new ways to approach ministry to make it sustainable, instead of heading toward the fabled, inevitable burnout.

With Leaders Who Last, you can learn all of my secrets that I’ve curated over the past thirteen years on building a lasting and sustainable ministry while making a bigger impact. I’m honored to support you and can’t wait for you to take advantage of this offer.

Are you ready to become a leader that lasts?

Get the introductory price of $97 for one year of ministry support, every week. That’s less than $2 per training module!
Order now and you’ll also receive over 25 pages of bonus material covering the six topic areas, plus an audio interview with Peter Steinke on churches and money.
Leaders Who Last is exactly what you need to implement an effective and sustainable ministry.



What if I join but then realize this isn’t the program for me? Is there a refund? First, if you are unsure if this program is for you – reach out. Email me at and let’s talk about what you’re needing so you make this decision with a clear and focused mindset to make it work for you. This program is designed for those committed to being Leaders Who Last, and in that spirit I do not offer refunds. Once you jump in, you’re in.

Does my membership to Leaders Who Last ever expire? Great question! In this year program, you’re going to get so much support that you will inevitably want to retrace your steps and look back at the content. And I love that! So I promise that you will have access to the documents as long as they are available.

Can I share the pdfs? I understand this desire to share information that inspires or excites you. However in Leaders Who Last, your membership gives you alone the right to access the files. Of course, you can spread your learning and share the ideas we dive into with whomever you like. But the actual property belongs to the program. (And if you really like it, you can invite your colleagues or staff to join the program! At only $97, they get way more than they pay for!)

Can I access everything in Leaders Who Last now? You can access the 18 modules that I have completed so far. I am writing the modules in real time each week. As I write the module each week, I’ll load it to a single members-only page where you can access it. Then as the year rolls on, you’ll get updated content each week!

If you have any other questions, let me know! Send me an email and I’ll reply ASAP:

Answer this last question.

What is sustaining yourself in ministry worth to you?

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve already spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on ministry books and workshops. But none of those gave you the results you wanted. And that’s because most ministry materials are focused on technique.
In this program, the focus is on YOU and what you can control, not trying to change your church or the people in it. That’s what makes Leaders Who Last different. Because for the first time ever, you’ll finally sleep easily.
Plus, I wanted to make sure this solution is available to everyone. And that’s why if you act now, you can get your copy for the introductory price of just $97.
That’s right – a whole year of ministry support, every week, for a one-time investment of just $97, less than $2 per training module.
Take advantage of the special introductory price and order now for just $97.
Your next step is easy – click the order link below. And do it now, because we all know you’re ready for smoother, more effective leadership – that lasts!