Here’s What’s Standing between You and Sustaining Yourself in Ministry.

If you want to last in ministry, then you need to read every word of this letter, because it could change your life.

Dear pastor,

There comes a time in every minister’s life when he or she has to say, “Enough is enough.” And that’s the day when you decide to change your life for the better by committing to sustainable ministry.

I know what it’s like. Before I figured out how to be in ministry in a new way, I spent a lot of time being frustrated and thinking about how to make things different. I purchased a lot of books on the topic. I went on retreats.

The problem was, I really wasn’t serious about changing my approach to ministry – I actually didn’t even know what I needed to do. Oh, all the ministry books stacking up on my bookshelf made it look like I was serious. I used up my entire book budget, which made me look like I was doing something. But I never took serious enough action.

But then something happened that rocked me to my very core. And maybe you can relate to this…

One day it seemed like everything was fine. I was a little stressed out, but basically I was rolling along in my ministry. Then suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, I had a wakeup call. I was standing in the back of the church one Easter Sunday, when someone from the executive board said to me, “You know, someday we’re going to have to do something about those cracked toilets.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how this little conversation shocked me. I was speechless. I wanted to say, “Why are you telling me about this now?!” It really was the proverbial wake up call. I felt like I was trying so hard, and they just weren’t getting it. It took me a while, but I realized I had to do something differently, or I was going to wear out or burn out.

And I started learning some new ways to be in ministry that were sustainable. It wasn’t always easy. I quickly found out the learning curve is steep when you’retrying to learn how to change your approach.

But I did it. Over time, I went from near-burnout to having more fun and a bigger impact. I ministered in that congregation for another nine years (thirteen in all), and have applied what I’ve learned to helping hundreds of other clergy over the last thirteen additional years.

So believe me when I say I know what it’s like to be stressed and exhausted in ministry. I struggled with ministry burnout, too. But once I discovered the secret of sustainable ministry, my whole life changed. And now you too can learn these same secrets, without all the trial and error.

Announcing Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry, the training program.

The Way for You to Thrive in Ministry…

Forget about burnout. Don’t worry about the scary (and exaggerated) statistics about pastors leaving ministry

Because once you know the ministry secrets inside this exciting program, you won’t have to deal with ministering on the edge of burnout.

That’s because Leaders Who Last is a detailed, step-by-step, no-fluff blueprint which will show you exactly how to have a doable, effective and sustainable ministry. Just imagine:

  • No more asking “how do I get them to change?”
  • No more (well, fewer…) sleepless nights.
  • And when you have to deal with a difficult church member you’ll have more options for how to respond.

Go ahead, imagine how you’ll feel when you finally learn how to focus on yourself and the resources you bring rather than trying to help, fix or change others. Just imagine responding to others with more clarity, calm and creativity. And think of what your church members will say once they see you remain thoughtful during challenge and crisis.

I’ve had ministers tell me they keep my book Leaders Who Last on their bedside table and read a little every night. One former minister even said, “If I’d had this book, I might still be in ministry.” This program builds on the book as a way to get ongoing input that can support you week by week. (But don’t worry; you don’t have to have read the book to benefit.)

It’s not easy to be a pastoral leader. But it is easy to start learning a new approach to ministry leadership. All you have to do is sign up for the Leaders Who Last training program, and in just moments you’ll get the first module and begin to discover how to answer the most important leadership question.

In subsequent training modules, you’ll learn:

  • How to be more of a leader and less of a controller
  • How to increase your influence without increasing your workload.
  • How to reduce your overall stress about issues of congregational life.
  • How to use your time most effectively –
  • A surprising trick for increasing giving – no extra effort required!
  • The top ministry communication mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • A simple little way to enjoy stewardship more
  • The quick and easy way to communicate more effectively with your people – you’ll wish you had thought of this years ago.

And so much more!

Every 7 days you can access a new resource that offers my latest thinking on: leadership, money, productivity, relationships, personal growth and communication. All key areas for ministry success. I’ve spent years learning, practicing and teaching ministers and other church leaders in all these areas, and I’m still learning. I’ll share that learning with you through the year.

Each training module focuses on one of these key areas:

Leadership: Position yourself for maximum positive impact in your ministry setting.

Money: Confidently lead in financial matters (and more confidently deal with money in your personal life).

Productivity: Make the best use of your limited time.

Relationships: Have healthier relationships with church members (even tough ones!) and others in your life.

Personal Growth: Develop yourself emotionally and spiritually.

Communication: Get your message out, whether from the pulpit, in meetings, one-to-one and virtually. (And become a better listener, while you’re at it.)

By the time you read the final lesson of this exciting ministry series, you’ll feel like you have a D.Min. in church leadership – and at last, you’ll finally have what you need for sustainable ministry!

The Leaders Who Last training program includes a six-week rotation of these key areas of focus for your ministry. In week one, you will receive a training module focused on “Leadership”. Week two is devoted to “Money,” week three is devoted to “Relationships” and so forth.

Here’s how it works…

Every Friday I will add a new weekly training module to a special password protected area where you and other members can download it. You can access your first training module immediately after you sign up today, with each new action plan arriving every single Friday for 52 weeks.

I’ll also regularly hit your inbox with a brief reminder to stop in and get started implementing the latest action plan so you stay on track growing your business. Week after week.For an entire year. Imagine the impact this can have on your ministry!

Every 7 days (Fridays) you will get a short tutorial just 3-7 pages in length so you can quickly read it and quickly put it to work for you.

It’s all about transferring real-time, real-results ministry strategies from me to you…

Now, if you’re looking for a quick fix or a pile of fairy dust, this isn’t it. It will require some work on your part throughout the year, and beyond. And some of my recommendations will seem almost counter-intuitive. But you’ll have a whole year’s worth of lessons to implement them.

But wait, it gets even better. Because…

Order now and you’ll also get over 25 pages of bonus material covering the six topic areas, plus an audio interview with Peter Steinke on churches and money.

Leaders Who Last is exactly what you need to lower your stress so that you can start seeing more results in your ministry.

What is sustaining yourself in ministry worth to you?

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve already spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on ministry books and workshops. But none of those gave you the results you wanted. And that’s because most ministry materials are focused on technique.

Here, the focus is on YOU and what you can control, not trying to change your church or the people in it. That’s what makes Leaders Who Last different. Because for the first time ever, you’llfinally be able to sleep easily. Now, I know you’re thinking that this is going set you back at least $350.I’ve signed up for membership programs that cost $30 or more a month. Maybe you have, too.

But you don’t have to pay $350 – not even close. That’s because I wanted to make sure this solution is available to everyone. And that’s why if you act now, you can get your copy for the introductory price of just $97.

That’s right – a whole year of ministry support, every week, for a one-time investment of just $97, less than $2 per training module.

You know this is a steal, so click here to order now.

Then there’s just one thing left for you to do…

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P.S. All you have to do is decide to make a shift toward more health in ministry, and Leaders Who Last will help you carry out that intention. So make that decision right now, and then click here to change your life!